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Salient features or characteristics of a good advertisement copy are. All businesses need promotion.

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For that reason lets.

A good advertisement should have. I have seen thousands and millions of dollars wasted on ineffective poor or outright bad adsand i want to save you that pain. The words or pictures in the advertisement should have commanding power on the readers. Branding it needs to have a good logo with good colors.

There are many great ads that may appear very different on the surface but ultimately all follow a simple rule. The logo is almost more important than the actual product some times so this is crucial. It is important that business owners understand the basics of writing a good advertisement.

1 it should be simple 2 it should be capable of holding the readers attention 3 it must be suggestive 4 it should have conviction value 5. What are the elements a good advertisement should have. So before buying a product we should consider whether it is good or bad.

There are a couple things that go into a good advertisement. But on further inspection it becomes clear that bad commercials often try for a quality that the good ones have and fall short of the mark or else lack it completely. The message advertised should have some suggestive and useful value to those who go through the advertisement.

Contrary to what many think it is not hard to create a good ad. In any advertisement the timeframe you have. Wiki user september 13 2011 819pm one of the main points that sells an insurance policy is the trustworthiness and reputation of the.

And in so doing they can put to good use quite a bit more than the famous half of their ad budgets. But when we drink contrary to the advertisement it have no effect or may harm our health. As a marketer there are a few goals you should try to hit to achieve an attractive and effective advertisement.

Shoot for an ad that conveys appropriate information to effectively describe the goodservice in question and attract the people youre looking for. For example the advertising of soft drink urges us to buy it. A version of this article appeared in the june 2013 issue of harvard business review.

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