The Most Interesting Advertisements

We first see the image of the large wooden cow being dragged by soldiers most people will attribute this to the trojan horse and then wonder what is inside it at that point the quote tells us all we need to know watch out for. Posted on june 25 2013 1257 gmt copyranter buzzfeed staff share this article share on facebook.

Some Of The Most Interesting Outdoor Advertising Hacks Done By

Heres what happens when brands get creative about advertisements.

The most interesting advertisements. Next article shares add to queue grow your business not your inbox stay informed and. Many people complain about advertisements as an obnoxious way for companies to invade our everyday lives and cram their products down our throats but thats not all that advertisements are good for. Historians and archaeologists will one day discover that the ads of our time are the richest and most faithful daily reflections any society ever made of its whole range of activities.

And look for our full best ads of 2017. Seductive women in ads is one of the most interesting things about advertisements to me. Its awful to use a womans sex appeal simply to advertise your.

Weve searched the web and collected some of the most creative print ads we could find. The 15 most creative print ads of the year all won awards at the cannes ad festival last week. The 13 most interesting ads of 2016 these ads are bound to make you laugh or in some cases shed a tear.

Most of these ads dont just advertise the company or cause behind them they also make an actual point. Because everyone loves it and loves to hate it. The most interesting man in the world was an advertising campaign for dos equis beer.

The advertisements first began appearing in the united states in 2006 and became a popular internet meme. The advertisements on this list are excellent examples of effective advertising strategies for social issue campaigns that let their voices be heard. The ads featured a bearded debonair elderly gentleman with voiceovers that were both humorous and outrageous and the slogan stay thirsty my friends.

On one end we hate it. See below for some of the most clever beautiful interesting and entertaining tv video print outdoor digital and social ads from the year so far. Most ads out there are annoying but given the amount of professionals working in the marketing and advertising industries theyre bound to come up with something cool and creative sooner or later.

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