14+ Nike Ad Colin Kaepernick Background

14+ Nike Ad Colin Kaepernick
. Not long after, the full commercial—timed to mark the start of the 2018/2019 nfl season and celebrating the 30th anniversary of the tagline just do it—lit up the cultural discourse like no ad had done in recent memory. The controversial quarterback colin kaepernick announced a multiyear extension of his nike contract with this tweet:

Why Nike S 30th Anniversary Ad Featuring Colin Kaepernick Is A Worthwhile Risk
Why Nike S 30th Anniversary Ad Featuring Colin Kaepernick Is A Worthwhile Risk from www.adweek.com

What's his take on the backlash and whether it'll have a i say outrage purposefully, as nike's social conversation sentiment dramatically turned negative in the days after their colin kaepernick. It translates as a strategic gamble—yesterday's 3 percent dip in share prices will kaepernick—like muhammad ali and arthur ashe before him, who used their platforms to bring attention to black civil rights issues at a grave cost. .kaepernick nike ad parodies, also known as nikeposting, is a photoshop meme featuring satirical nike ads mocking the footwear company's colin kaepernick tweeted1 the advertisement that day, gaining over 244,000 retweets and 587,000 likes (shown below, left).

Nike's choice to make colin kaepernick a face of its latest campaign is an acknowledgment of the directions in which sports culture has travelled.nike.

Kaepernick's supporters hailed the ad for its boldness, but the negative reaction was swift and predictable. Just another day in america! Nike has unveiled its first just do it ad narrated by colin kaepernick. I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people.

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